WGP Mini UPS For Router Modem Security Camera INPUT 12V OUTPUT 5V/9V/12V 8800mAh UPS

  • Warranty: 6 Months
SKU: UPS-24-0001-BK


প্রথম অর্ডারে ৳১০০ ছাড়, সর্বনিম্ন অর্ডার ৳১৯৯৯ ।



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  • 8000mAh Battery Capacity
  • 500+ Battery Life Cycle
  • Protect your Router & ONU from Thunder
  • Use as Device Powerbank
  • Up to 7 to 8 Hours Backup
  • Black Color
  • LED Blink Technology to Save Battery Lifespan


১) কোন মডেলের ইউপিএস অর্ডার করবেন?

আপনার রাউটার এবং অনু দুইটিই যদি 9 ভোল্ট এর হয়, তাহলে আপনি 5, 9, 9 Volt Output অর্ডার করবেন।

আবার, আপনার রাউটার এবং রাউটার এবং অনুর কোন একটি যদি 9 ভোল্ট এবং অপরটি 12 ভোল্ট এর হয়, তাহলে আপনি 5, 9, 12 Volt Output অর্ডার করবেন।

আর, আপনার রাউটার এবং অনু দুইটিই যদি ১২ ভোল্ট হয় তাহলে আপনি 5, 12, 12 Volt Output অর্ডার করবেন।

২) রাউটার অনু কোনটা কত ভোল্ট বুঝবেন কিভাবে??

উত্তরঃ রাউটার এবং অনুর পেছনে ভোল্ট লিখা থাকে। সেটা ভালোভাবে চেক করুন, অথবা, রাউটার এবং অনুর এডাপ্টারে ও ভোল্ট লিখা থাকে। সুতরাং, এডাপ্টার ও চেক করতে পারেন।

FAQ (Fairly Asked Questions):

How long will your UPS last after fully charged?

The actual time is determined by your load’s (router/modem…) actual power. The formula is
H = (3.7 x 8.8) / (Voltage x Current)

For example: your router’s actual power is 18W, and then the lasting hour would be:
h = (3.7 x 8.8) /(12 x 1.5) =1.81

If your router’s actual power is 5.4 W, then the lasting hour would be:
h= (3.7 x 8.8) / (9 x 0.6) = 6.02

You need to measure the working current and the output voltage yourself.
BUT NOT the rated spec from the products’ label

Is there any short-circuit protection with it?
Yes, there is. When short-circuit happens, the output will be shut down immediately, and the UPS will enter into inactivated status. Then you need to apply 12VDC to the input socket to reactivate the UPS.

How can I verify the real capacity of the UPS?
Very simple, just buy a voltage & current meter on AE, or you can also use a multimeter to measure the working current. The formula is:

Q(mAh) = (V x A) * 1000 * h / 3.7

V: the UPS output voltage

A: the circuit current

h: the UPS lasting hours

What are the outstanding advantages of this product compared with similar items in the market?
Every product has its cons and pros. For this one, we recommend it because of its actual capacity and the small size (117*73*23.5mm / 4.6*2.87*0.93in). Even smaller than your phones (only thicker). It is space saving. You can also use it as a power bank when you hang out.

Why is the UPS output voltage less than 12V?
Because in the circuit, there is a voltage drop.

What is this UPS’s output specification?
This is the three outputs model. The outputs are 5V2A / 9V1A / 12V1A. The max output power capability is 12W.

Why is the UPS’s input 12V2A?
It needs extra power to recharge the batteries when you power your loads at the same time.

How long will it be fully recharged from empty to full?
According to the test result, it needs about 6 hours to be fully charged from 0% to 100% via 12V2A.

Do I have to apply a 12V2A adapter?
No, you don’t have to, but you’d better. As long as the input voltage is 12V is OK. If you use a 12V1A adapter, the recharging time will be longer even much longer, and then maybe you need to recharge it without load.

If you use a 12V3A / 12V4A or larger adapters, the recharging time will be more or less the same as 12V2A. Because the actual power supply/ consumption is determined by the loads. However, if you use an adapter whose output voltage is less than 12V, then the UPS will never be recharged.

Why is the upmost led blinking all the time?
If you are using the 9V output, then the upmost led will never stop blinking. This is a special design to prevent the batteries dwelling in a full state-of-charge so that to prolong their lifespan.


1.When the mains power is supplied, the MINI UPS will bypass the battery and directly supply power to the equipment; If the battery is under charged, WGP will charge the battery until it is fully charged;

2.When the mains power is disconnected, the MINI UPS will automatically connect the internal battery for millisecond switching, and the equipment will remain online without restarting. The continuous full battery power supply will last for up to 8 hours.

  • Application: Router / Security / Monitoring / Alarm
  • Type:On-line
  • Output Voltage:5V/9V/12V
  • Weight:0.5kg
  • Model Number:WGP103
  • Protection:Short Circuit
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Certification:CE
  • Power:12W
  • Input:12V1A/2A
  • Output:1A


Quality assurance for 6 Months

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